TECHNOLOGY   CONSIDERATIONSThe project is a high tech development in all its means, it will comprise latest technologies in the field to build a highly competitive cluster on international scale. We used world best practices for our designs and the equipment was chosen to build a high performance quality production capacity. RM has a very old and undeveloped infrastructure and the existing capacities are minor or missing.

Another important consideration and issue to work on is the weak engineering and science background of local population, it will take some effort to create the critical mass of specialists. Starting 2015 RM is undertaking great steps in setting up a German style college where students will study half time classes and half time in the field, the capacity is 5500 students a year, so first promotions will be ready for employment in 2018, that is the estimative project completion construction date. Additional it will need close ties with ministry of education and preparing some stimulus packages in preparing those numbers of specialists.

Of course this all is meant to happen under supervision and consultancy of highly developed countries that will provide expertise on 24/7 terms.